Fully Decentralized

$COOKIE token: Contract ownership renounced
LP locked, tax-free, for your security.

Contract Renounced

With the $COOKIE contract renounced, the community can trust in its decentralization and permanence, ensuring transparency and autonomy for all holders.

Liquidity Locked

With liquidity locked, $COOKIE ensures stability and security for its holders, safeguarding against volatility and providing a solid foundation for growth.

$COOKIE token safety

No taxes on
$COOKIE transactions - pure simplicity


Total Supply


Buy Tax


Sell Tax

Enjoy seamless transactions with Cookie On Base ($COOKIE) - no taxes,
just pure joy and wagging tails!


Cookie On Base is more than just a meme token - it's a vibrant community where passion for adorable maltipoo companionship meets the excitement of crypto innovation. Born from a shared love for all things fluffy and fun, Cookie On Base aims to bring joy and positivity to the crypto space. With a commitment to transparency and inclusivity, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the world of decentralized finance with wagging tails and boundless enthusiasm. Together, we'll make crypto sweeter, one pawprint at a time.


how to buy $COOKIE

Buying $COOKIE tokens is easy! Simply head to a supported exchange, locate the $COOKIE trading pair, and make your purchase. Remember to use a compatible wallet for safe storage

Metamask & Base

Install MetaMask, Switch your Network To The Base Network By Selecting It From The Dropdown Menu. Ensure You Have ETH Tokens On Base Network In Your Wallet.

Visit Uniswap

Head over to the Uniswap using your preferred web browser. Uniswap is a decentralized exchange where you can trade tokens directly from your wallet.

Select Tokens

In The "From" Field, Select ETH As The Token You Want To Swap From. In The "To" Field, Paste $COOKIE Contract Address. Uniswap Should Automatically Detect The Token.

Buy $COOKIE token

Enter The Amount Of ETH Tokens You Want To Swap For $COOKIE. Once You're Satisfied, Click On The "Swap" Button. Metamask Will Prompt You To Confirm The Transaction. Review The Details And Click "Confirm" To Proceed.

$COOKIE Tokenomics Chart>
%90 Liquidity %6 Team %2 Marketing %2 Airdrop

A transparent and fair distribution model, ensuring sustainable growth and community-driven success. Join the meme coin revolution today!

Road Map

Launching website, community engagement, token utility integration,
exchange listings, expanding partnerships, and global adoption.



  • $COOKIE Token Launch
  • $COOKIE Website
  • $COOKIE Social Media Accounts
  • CoinGecko/ Coinmarketcap Listings
  • 1,000+ Holders
  • Airdrop Campaigns


  • Corporate Partnerships
  • First CEX Listing
  • 2,500+ Holders
  • NFT Collection
  • Airdrop Campaigns


  • NFT Marketplace
  • CookieSwap - DEX
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • T1 Exchange Listings
  • Airdrop Campaigns